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Mar. 28, 2019: To reform image, BP turns to mentorship--but it's not what you think

By Kelly Gilblom

Every few weeks, in a glass-walled office with a picture of an oil platform filling the east side, an unusual conversation takes place. Bernard Looney, the 48-year-old who controls BP Plc’s massive oil and gas production, sits down with a 26-year-old petrophysicist, Connor Tann, to get answers to a few fundamental questions. Among the most important: How can the oil behemoth keep up with the times?Read More

12 worst states for retirement: 2019

By Katie Rass

Some Americans cannot retire when they want to because of finances, the personal finance website WalletHub reports. Citing U.S. Federal Reserve data, it notes that 25% of nonretired people have no pension or retirement savings, not necessarily through their own fault. For those in a quandary about retirement, where they live can add to their burden. Read More

The dismantling of the ACA: An (updated) timeline

By Emily Payne and Chris Nicholls

March 23 marks the ninth anniversary of the passage of the ACA, the Obama administration’s landmark health care reform bill. A lot has happened during that time, and it’s been a controversial ride. While the ACA is credited with opening access to health insurance to more than 20 million Americans who would otherwise have gone without, critics also blame it for increased health insurance costs and limiting health care consumer freedom. Read More

Did you know? Amazon now takes HSA, FSA payments

By Marlene Satter

Wading in even deeper to the health care arena, Amazon has announced that customers can now pay for appropriate purchases, such as cold medications and glucometers, with their health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts. Read More

Quiz: What happened this week in employee benefits?

By C.J. Marwitz

Was it a busy week for you? What with floods, March Madness, kids’ spring breaks, it’s been a long one at least. Settle back with the beverage of your choice and get energized by this quiz. By the way, if you’re like me and you hate it when a quiz provider makes you offer information to see your results, don’t worry – you don’t have to do anything. The answers are at the end. Read More

7 strategies for doing business with your 'frenemy'

By Bryce Sanders

“I only do business with people I like.” How advisors love to say that! But the reality is different. Newer advisors have numbers to hit. Good advisors rarely if ever leave money on the table. Put another way, if you identified a need and saw a way you might help, would you walk away because you didn’t like the person? To help you help them, you need a strategy. Read More

Teachers deserve better from retirement-plan law -- Ritholtz

By Barry Ritholtz

(Bloomberg Opinion) –How is it possible that two variations of tax-deferred retirement accounts, born of similar ideals and motivations, have evolved into shockingly different animals? I refer to 401(k) and 403(b) investment accounts. Despite being part of similar tax codes with nearly identical goals, in practice the portfolios of each bear little resemblance to each other. As a result, millions of American teachers, among others, are retiring with less in savings than they deserve. Read More

Looking for a better way: 3 strategies Americans use to afford prescriptions

By Scott Wooldridge

New data from the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control, show a significant number of Americans using different strategies to deal with prescriptions that they find difficult to afford. The center noted that about 60 percent of adult Americans report that they take prescription medications, and that approximately 70 percent of prescribed medications come with out-of-pockets costs, which average around $6 for generic drugs and around $30 for brand-name drugs. Read More

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