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Apr. 18, 2019: Open enrollment is over... or is it?

By Misty Guinn

After months of planning ahead of last fall’s open enrollment cycle, HR and benefits administrators across the U.S. thought they finally had a chance to catch their breath, but post-open enrollment is not the time for rest. Planning for and executing the traditional fall open enrollment period for employer-sponsored health care and benefits is a central aspect of a benefits administrator’s job, but perhaps the most important part of the OE cycle is what comes afterwards. Read More

Aetna-CVS merger to be reviewed as judge agrees to hear witnesses

By Marlene Satter

As reported by The Hill, Federal Judge Richard Leon has expressed concern that the settlement of the acquisition by CVS of Aetna—valued at nearly $70 billion—may not have provided adequate protection for industry competition. Said the report, “A CVS lawyer argued that judges had never called for witnesses in such hearings.” Read More

Are your employees overly optimistic about their retirement finances?

By Marlene Satter

Although 44 percent of Americans overall who participate in a company-sponsored retirement plan think they’ll be comfortable in retirement as long as they keep an eye on their spending, a new study says that they’re being overly optimistic. The 2019 Defined Contribution Survey from Natixis finds that even though these optimists aren’t in the majority, they’re also probably wrong. Read More

Medicare for All sound too extreme? Try plan B: Medicare for America

By Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News

Unlike Medicare for All, Medicare for America would preserve premiums and deductibles and also allow private insurers to operate Medicare plans. As Democratic presidential primary candidates try to walk a political tightrope between the party’s progressive and center-left wings, they face increasing pressure to outline the details of their health reform proposals. Read More

Advisors' advice: 11 financial mistakes retirees make

By Bernice Napach

Saving and investing for retirement is probably the single most important issue for the clients of financial advisors, and outliving their retirement funds is a primary worry. Despite these priorities, however, mistakes are made, often before a client even hires an advisor or afterward, when the client fails to follow through on the advisor’s recommendation or outright opposes it. Read More

Benefits industry newsmakers: Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies, Ease, The Hilb Group, Mercer Advisors

By C.J. Marwitz

Much is happening in the employee benefits industry and its related fields. We’ve heard of a good number of partnerships and collaborations, as well as promotions and new hires. If we missed any announcements, send them using our contact form or contact this editor for inclusion next time. Read More

Latest retirement policy try: Require employers to contribute to savings plans

By Nick Thornton

An influential voice has joined a growing chorus on Capitol Hill calling for mandated sponsorship of retirement plans throughout most of the private sector. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, co-introduced legislation last week that would mandate sponsorship of retirement plans for businesses with more than 10 employees. Read More

10 affordable small towns in tax-friendly states: Retirement

By Marlene Satter

Looking for a retirement haven that will offer a retreat from big-city living and preferably not eat up all your retirement savings? Well,, which already looked at the most affordable potential retirement cities, went through its list again and chose 20 towns of 55,000 or less that also provide small-town charm. We’re taking that one step further. We picked 10 out of the lot that are also located in states that has determined are the most tax-friendly to retirees. Read More

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