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May 2, 2019: More employers tying financial incentives to wellness participation

By Katie Kuehner-Hebert

More and more employers are making it financially worthwhile for their workers to participate in well-being programs, according to the 10th Annual Health and Well-Being Survey from Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group on Health.  Read More

Light Bulb Moment Nu mero 8: The role of bilingual supervisors in benefits communication, part three

By Melissa Burkhart

Bilingual supervisors are under a great deal of pressure. (I could write about 19 Light Bulb Moments on this topic alone, but I’ll be brief!) Not only are they dealing with meeting production goals and managing employees (which is never easy), they are also being pulled (hard) in opposite directions. Spanish-speaking employees often feel that if one of them accepts a promotion, that person has sold out to the Dark Side. He is no longer one of “us,” he is one of “them.” Read More

Social Security's about to pay out more than it takes in -- for the first time in decades

By Nick Thornton

Social Security is about to pay out more money than it earns for the first time in decades, according to the 2019 OASDI Trustees Report, released today. By 2020, obligations to retirees and disabled Americans will cost more than Social Security’s revenue from payroll taxes, taxes on benefits, and interest earned on investments. Read More

5 factors to consider before plunging into a total rewards program

By Matthew Merker

Benefits and compensation plans are evolving in the workplace as the workforce and nature of work continues to change in light of digital trends, employee expectations, and the need to meet those expectations while keeping costs in check. Read More

Where does entertaining fit into prospecting?

By Bryce Sanders

Most agents and advisers don’t have expense accounts – entertaining comes out of their own pocket. Those embracing it see it as investing in their business. They are investing money to build a relationship. Here are some scenarios that show how it can work. Read More

7 facts to know about the CMS's 2020 health insurance rules

By Allison Bell

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has finished setting the rules and numbers health insurers need to design the individual commercial major medical insurance policies for 2020. One section of the new 2020 “benefit and payment parameters” regulation could affect agents, brokers and web brokers that break the rules. Read More

Millennials' health poorer than GenXers' at same age

By Marlene Satter

Behavioral health problems are taking a toll on millennials—from depression to anxiety and substance use. And as a result, they’re less healthy than GenXers were at their age. So says the Health of America study from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, which found that a third of millennials are suffering from health conditions that impair both quality of life and life expectancy. The study also found that millennials diagnosed with eight of 10 leading health conditions more often than Gen X are more likely to be less healthy than their Gen X counterparts when they’re older. Read More

Top 3 employee benefits buzzwords

By Jonathan Mentor

The employee benefits landscape is getting noisy. The headlines are everywhere about American health care costs skyrocketing. According to SHRM, the cost of employer-sponsored health care benefits is expected to average approximately $15,000 per employee in 2019. The American enterprise wants to return it’s attention to increasing market share, building profitability and retaining destination employer status. With the rising cost of executing an effective total rewards program and benefits consisting of 30 percent of the average total compensation budget, companies are focusing on internal expenditures now more than ever. Read More

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