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Apr. 4, 2019: Gen X: The forgotten generation?

By Scott Wooldridge

A new national survey by MetLife finds that Gen X—workers between the ages 38 and 53—are a kind of forgotten generation, a demographic of workers who are less happy in their jobs and more financially stressed. Read More

4 ways to engage millennial employees

By Jarrod Upton

Millennials are about to become the largest generation in the United States. If your company doesn’t already employ someone in this age group, it’s a good bet that you soon will. There’s been lots of focus on how advisors can gain millennial clients, but there’s been much less written about how to engage millennial employees in advisory firms. Just as demographics will shift to clients classified as millennials, your firm will also begin to turn over clients to these new employees as older employees retire. To prepare for this shift, you’ll need to learn how to communicate, engage and support millennials as you train the next generation of advisors. Read More

Medical marijuana: A boon for older workers?

By Marlene Satter

States that have passed laws allowing the use of medical marijuana have experienced reduced pain reports as well as increased hours worked by older Americans. A study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in conjunction with Temple University looked at older Americans’ well-being before and after passage of such laws. The results indicate that medical marijuana laws could be boosting older people’s health. Read More

Landmark 401(k) excessive fee case will settle for $55 million

By Nick Thornton

The long odyssey of the first 401(k) excessive fee case appears to be finally ending, as the parties in Tussey v. ABB Inc. have agreed on settlement terms. The total award will be $55 million, with $20.8 million of that fund going to attorneys’ fees and litigation costs. Three named class representatives in the two ABB 401(k) plans involved in the case will be awarded $25,000, and the remainder will be distributed between plan participants in the class period from December 29, 2000, through December 31, 2007, according to court documents. Read More

Doing things the right way(s)

By Paul Wilson

Our Broker of the Year awards give us a chance to provide much deserved attention to benefits advisors who are doing things right. This year’s finalists offer a snapshot of some exciting developments occurring in benefits. They are adapting to the sweeping changes taking place in our country and the subtle nuances in their unique local markets. Read More

Entire ACA should go, Trump admin says

By Sahil Kapur

The Trump administration is hardening its legal position toward Obamacare, arguing now the entire law is unconstitutional in a shift that promises to bring the issue to the forefront of the 2020 election campaign. Read More

6 ways to actively demonstrate your value to clients

By Bryce Sanders

Many clients don’t fully understand the amount of work you do on their behalf behind the scenes. These are easy ways to pull the curtain away, showing you are providing great service. “What have you done for me lately?” Once you’ve got the client, the challenge becomes keeping the client, especially when recurring revenue from fee-based income is involved. Read More

10 states least friendly to seniors

By Marlene Satter

When researching your future retirement location, it’s important to consider not just how much it costs to live there, but whether you feel safe, or are targeted by high taxes, or can find a doctor that you can afford. According to mobility specialist Stannah, 57 percent of senior citizens would consider moving to take advantage of cheap house prices, while 48 percent would move to a lower-tax state and 37 percent would chase a cheaper cost of living to a new home state. Read More

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