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May 16, 2019: How an advisor who hates sales built a billion-dollar practice

By Jane Wollman Rusoff

Alex. Brown. Annapolis, Maryland. 1985. In time-honored manner, rookie brokers are doggedly cold calling and talking up stock ideas. Not 28-year-old rookie Patti Baum. This industrious newbie is busy building relationships. To say that her strategy worked would be an understatement. Read More

Employee happiness: More important than pay?

By Joel Kranc

The Beatles were right, money can’t buy love, and, it seems, happiness. According to a survey released by Wrike, “From Positivity to Productivity: Exposing the Truth Behind Workplace Happiness,” more than 50 percent of workers in the U.S. prefer having a happy environment over pay. Four in 10 respondents to a recent global survey reported taking a pay cut to accept a position that made them happier. Read More

10 cities paying the most for prescription drugs

By Marlene Satter

If Americans’ struggle to afford their medications seems to be intensifying, you’re not imagining things. It is. According to GoodRx’s first-ever quarterly report on the cost of prescriptions in the U.S., prices are continuing to escalate despite apparent efforts in Washington to control them. Read More

The agent at parties: 9 safe topics for conversations

By Bryce Sanders

You are a true believer – attend enough parties and events, meet enough people and the numbers should eventually work in your favor. Picture this: You are at a wedding reception. You meet other guests. You go through “What do you do?” What now? You know talking business with people you just met is likely to make them feel awkward. Read More

HHS finalizes rule requiring drug price disclosures in TV ads

By Anna Edney

Pharmaceutical companies will have to disclose drug prices in television commercials in the U.S. for the first time, as the Trump administration begins to put in place a plan to lower prescription costs. Drugmakers will have to disclose a drug's cost if its price before rebates and discounts is above $35 for a month's. Read More

2020 Medicare premium hike could wipe out Social Security COLA for many retirees

By Bernice Napach

The Senior Citizens League is forecasting a 6.5% jump in the 2020 Medicare Part B premium. If The Senior Citizens League is correct in its forecasts — and it has a strong record of that — roughly half of the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2020 for the average retiree will be wiped out by the increase in Medicare Part B premiums that year. Read More

The right benefits can help counteract employees' financial stress

By Donna Parent

As health care and related core benefit costs increase, so does the financial squeeze on your company and your employees. Add to the mix a competitive job market, with unemployment holding steady at 3.8 percent, you’re faced to up the ante of your recruitment and hiring strategies. Now is definitely the time to embrace new, creative ways to get and keep that top talent through progressive benefits, while offsetting the rising cost of healthcare. Read More

5 top causes of disability leave

By Kelly Spencer

Each May for Disability Insurance Awareness Month, Unum releases its top causes of disability to shed a light on what causes one in four workers a career derailment. The top causes of disability are more common than most people think. Read More

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