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May 23, 2019: State of the industry: Changes in ERISA spend

By Emily Payne

Where are employers spending their benefit dollars? It’s no surprise that health care accounts for the greatest percentage, but as employers look to combat rising health care prices with new solutions (or by cutting back services), what impact is it having on the benefit spend? Health care spending continues to rise, but some industries are doing a better job of reining in costs than others. Read More

Broker of the Year Tim Doherty: A different conversation

By Scott Wooldridge

A thirst for knowledge is just one key reason why Tim Doherty is our 2019 BenefitsPRO Broker of the Year. Read More

How to reduce cybersecurity risk to employees' health data

By Alan Goforth

Data is becoming a key element in the health care experience. Unfortunately, it's incredibly vulnerable to cyber breaches. Employee health and insurance information may be the most-guarded data in any organization. Unfortunately, it also may be the most vulnerable to security breaches. In fact, HHS recorded a record 44 data breaches affecting 686,953 people during the month of April alone. Read More

Benefits industry newsmakers: DailyPay, Hub International, PSCA, SCAN Health Plan, AIG Retirement Services

By C.J. Marwitz

News from Benefitfocus, Brightway Insurance, Sontag Advisory, Green Circle Life, National Association of Plan Advisors. People on the move, new company names, mergers, promotions, partnerships, awardwinners — there’s much to celebrate in the employee benefits industry. Read More

How to maximize the power of wellness incentives

By Lianne Jacobs

In 2019 health care costs—including premiums and out-of-pocket costs for employees and dependents—are estimated to reach nearly $15,000 per employee, a number that has continues to increase each year. Given that more than 80 percent of all large US employers offer corporate wellness programs, which often leverage incentives to encourage healthy behaviors, one would think are health expenses would be in check. Read More

Open MEPs put retirement industry roles on the brink of change

By Jim Young

Bipartisan support of the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement, or SECURE Act of 2019, in the US Congress includes provisions to expand access to Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs) in a bid to make it easier for small businesses to offer retirement benefits. Under current federal law, MEPs are available only to businesses with a “common nexus” (i.e., sponsored by an industry or trade association). The proposed “Open-MEP” model eliminates key legal barriers, enabling unaffiliated businesses to combine resources, take advantage of economies of scale and lower administrative costs. Read More

8 turnoffs on the social prospecting circuit

By Bryce Sanders

It's highly unlikely you would make any of these mistakes. Still, sometimes we need a gentle reminder. You are good at making small talk. You know how to work a room and get people talking. But every so often, something happens – the mood changes and you wonder “What did I do wrong?” Here are eight mistakes to avoid in social situations. Read More

May 19: 'Deductible relief day'

By Scott Wooldridge

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) has declared May 19 “Deductible Relief Day,” as a way of bringing awareness to a growing issue with high-deductible health plans. Cost-shifting by employer-based plans, originally hailed as a way to make consumers smarter shoppers for health services, have become problematic as Americans on these plans report struggling with affordability when it comes to accessing health care services. Read More

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