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May 30, 2019: 5 best, 5 worst states for military retirement

By Marlene Satter

WalletHub took a look at how well or poorly states treat military servicemembers in retirement. The civilian view of retirement includes travel, playing with grandkids, indulging in sports or hobbies. But it’s a different story for military retirees, who are going back to civilian life and a likely second act. Read More

Military spouses face discrimination in job hunts

By Marlene Satter

You would think that employers in the U.S. would be eager to support military families and more than willing to hire military spouses while their other halves are off serving their country. But apparently, you’d be wrong. Read More

Why it's time to rebrand the high-deductible health plan

By David Vivero

For all the benefits of the high-deductible health plan (HDHP)—lower premiums, tax savings, more flexibility for patients, to name a few—it has developed a bad reputation among employees. The reason why could be right in the name: the phrase “high-deductible” isn’t exactly attractive for employees who are hearing about it for the first time—and studies suggest that employees have limited knowledge about what such plans entail. Read More

10 drugs topping employers' pharma spend

By Scott Wooldridge

A new Kaiser Family Foundation study finds that employer-based health plans cover 42 percent of prescription drug costs. The study, using data from 2017, shows some of the complexity around prescription drug spending at a time when rising drug costs have been in the spotlight during health care policy debates. Read More

SECURE Act passes out of House by near-unanimous vote

By Nick Thornton

“It's a great bill, not just a good bill, said Rep. Danny Davis, D-IL. The most sweeping retirement legislation in more than a decade passed today out of the U.S. House of Representatives by a 417 to 3 vote. Read More

The 4 types of active managers

By Mark Gilbert

A new research report suggests that cognitive biases influence the investment choices made by asset managers, creating identifiable lifecycles as to when they generate alpha – and, more importantly, when they stop. Read More

Ready to try a retirement 'internship'?

By Marlene Satter

Lots of people facing retirement have their whole identities tied up in their jobs or professions, and may be anticipating their so-called “golden years” with more dread than delight. If you number yourself among them, you might want to consider a notion that’s far more commonly employed at the beginning of a career rather than at an end—an internship. Read More

Medicare for All push is losing steam

By Sahil Kapur

The “Medicare for All” push is hitting serious obstacles in the U.S. House in the face of resistance from Democratic leaders concerned that replacing the private insurance system would generate backlash from voters who like their coverage. Read More

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