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Jun. 13, 2019: 5 misconceptions employers have about their benefits plans

By Jim Blachek

Traditional benefits plans have changed so little over the years that many business owners don’t even realize that changing their plan is possible. Stagnant, overpriced benefits plans can cause employers to develop misconceptions about how to make their plan more efficient, resulting in uneducated or even unhappy employees and benefits plans with wasted potential. Read More

Spreading the message: A Q&A with Megan Cook

By Paul Wilson

Megan Cook is the founder and CEO of Adept Benefits, which aims to break the cycle of annual cost increases and make sure employers get the value they pay for. Read More

Taking flight: The next generation of broker entrepreneurs

By Dan Cook

Some folks are born—or at least raised—to be entrepreneurs. Others, like Adam Berkowitz, have entrepreneurship thrust upon them. Berkowitz, founder and CEO of Simpara, a St. Louis benefits/HR consultancy, will certainly never forget the day he became an entrepreneur. Read More

If South Park characters applied for life insurance policies...

By Phil Murphy

The series is coming to an end sometime this year. One of the many unanswered questions is: What's up with their insurance? Although South Park demonstrates what we shouldn’t do as humans more than it demonstrates what we should do, the fictional show can serve as a platform to teach your clients about real-world topics, including life insurance. As South Park comes to a close, let’s reflect on some of the prominent characters and what would happen if they were to apply for a life insurance policy. Read More

3 reasons individual health plans could make a comeback

By Allison Bell

For the past few years, trying to sell individual major medical insurance has been about as popular as trying to sell anchovy ice cream. The main reason is that, according to eHealth, 2019 market numbers look pretty good. Read More

SEC passes new broker standards in Regulation Best Interest

By Nick Thornton

Today’s vote was the culmination of a debate that’s spanned nearly two decades over broker-dealers’ standards of conduct and the impact of conflicts of interest on average investors. Read More

Benefits product roundup: Limeade, Mercer, Arvato, DMEC, Fi360

By C.J. Marwitz

Product news from Qualtrics, Wellbeats, ADP, Breathe Life, Alegeus, Wellview Health, Benefitfocus, North Capital, and more. Employee benefits products connect workers to their benefits, brokers and advisors to their clients, and HR and the CFO to better benefits administration. Here’s some of the latest news about new and improved tools and solutions. Read More

How financially savvy are you? 3 questions can measure your money smarts

By Marlene Satter

According to the new global retirement readiness survey from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and the Aegon Center for Retirement and Longevity, “The New Social Contract: Empowering Individuals in a Transitioning World,” people are sadly lacking in financial literacy—one of the major problems that confront them in trying to make sure they have enough money on hand to retire. Read More

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