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July 4, 2019: Trump Order Seeks Disclosure of Secret Medical Prices

Supreme Court to hear insurers' plea for $12B in ACA program payments

By Allison Bell

Insurers want to know whether Congress can really kill payment obligations by simply refusing to provide funding. Read More


Will offering too many options get a plan sponsor in trouble?

By Christopher Carosa

There's academic evidence to support the theory that too many choices hurt plan participants. Read More


5 myths about enrollment that employers need to forget

By Steven Johnson

Want to make your benefits program more competitive? You don't have to change a thing--just set aside a few misconceptions. Read More


Why reading doctor's notes is good for patients' health

By Victoria Knight, Kaiser Health News

When researchers surveyed patients who'd looked at their doctor's notes, the majority reported they felt more in control... Read More


Social Security COLA for 2020: Will trade wars increase SSA's projection?

By Nick Thornton

The wild card that could impact the COLA in the immediate term is what one economist calls a 'trade conflagration.' Read More


House votes to halt SEC Regulation Best Interest

By Melanie Waddell

But Waters' amendment blocking enforcement of the rule is likely a tough sell in the Senate. Read More


Lower-cost care settings don't stem rising out-of-pocket costs

By Marlene Satter

Fifty nine percent of patients will pay between $501 and $1,000 for a health care visit. Read More


Trump order pushes for disclosure of secret health-care prices

By John Tozzi and Shannon Pettypiece

The details will be determined during a rulemaking process that lets industry and other stakeholders weigh in. Read More

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