4 Reasons Why Cardiovascular Fitness Is Important For Your Body


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Cardiovascular fitness is very important for both your mental as well as physical health. Having a high level of cardiovascular fitness means that your body has higher stamina, the oxygen supply to your muscles and brain is adequate and your body is working in an optimal condition.

Here are 4 reasons why cardiovascular fitness is important for your body:

1. Immunity Booster

Various studies show that exercising regularly improves your cardiovascular fitness which in turn helps your immune system perform better. Cardiovascular fitness is very important for your immune system because it enhances the effeucuency of your body’s defence mechanism.

2. Aerobic Exercise and Weight Loss

The best way and most effective way to lose fat is through aerobic exercise.

Having a cardiovascular exercise routine not only helps you to stay active and healthy but it also helps burn all that extra fat. According to experts, 30-minute cardio burns 140 to 295 calories!

The body continues to burn fat upto two hours after your exercise.

3. Matters of the heart

People who regularly exercise and have a high level of cardiovascular fitness have a healthy heart.

If you keep an otherwise healthy diet, you can lead a pretty healthy life through cardiovascular fitness. It helps you get rid of the extra fat and hence the “bad” cholestrol. Extra fat or bad cholestrol can accumulate inside your arteries and lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure then leads to a myriad of health issues including heart attack.

High levels of cardiovascular fitness means low cholestrol and hence normal blood pressure. Cardiovascular fitness is directly linked to your heart folks, don’t skip on it!

4. Mood Elevator

Having a high level of cardiovascular fitness means that you have normal blood pressure and a low resting pulse. This is the ultimate key to a stable mood. People who exercise regularly usually feel calmer as opposed to those who do not.

Regular exercising also releases endorphins in your body. Endorphins are hormones that promote the sense of pleasure and well-being.

Boost Your Cardiovascular Fitness with Aerobic Exercise

You can boost your cardiovascular fitness by aerobic exercises, also called the endurance exercise. Don’t let this term confuse you though! You can get a full-body endurance exercise at home without even any equipment if you want.

However, if you are more of an outdoor person or you’d like to go to a gym physically to workout there are a lot of options for you as well. Aerobic exercises include jogging, walking, swimming and cycling, dancing, weightlifting, pushups, situps. Basically any exercise that involves physical exertion while you breathe in and out will help to boost your cardiovascular fitness.

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