COVID-19: Are My Clothes and Shoes the Potential Carriers of the Virus? Here’s What Experts Say


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According to various studies published by the leading research journals like the New England Journal of Medicine and institutions like John Hopkins University, the COVID-19 can live on a number of surfaces. Plastic, steel, fabrics, to name a few. Shoe soles of healthcare workers are also a safe home for this virus! However, it is only 0.1% likely to contract the virus from your clothes or shoes.

Can Clothes Transmit COVID-19?

You must observe all the safety precautions when you go out to run errands. That includes, wearing masks and gloves, keeping six feet distance, and handwashing for 20 seconds as soon as you get home!

Experts are of the opinion that if you are observing all the safety precautions, you don’t even need to change your clothes when you get back to your house. However, healthcare workers who monitor COVID-19 patients must wash all their clothes and sanitize their shoes as they work in environments with high virus-concentration. 

COVID Virus On My Clothes, Virus On My Shoes – How Can I Get Rid Of It?!

Being encapsulated in a fatty layer makes it easy for any normal detergent to get rid of this virus from your clothes.

So, just like your detergents cleans away oily stains, it can also wash away the coronavirus. Also, you should wash clothes with warm water.

Still suspicious? Just put your clothes in a bag for a few days, the virus will die of its own accord within a week or so.

No Shaking!

Shaking your dirty laundry might prompt the virus to be suspended in air. So, it’s strictly advised not to waggle or shake the dirty clothes that you wore outside.

So to sum it all up, there are no reports of the transmission of the COVID-19 through clothes and shoes. However, people who are working in healthcare facilities or taking care of COVID-19 patients at home must be careful.

They must change and wash their clothes as soon as they get home and keep their shoes out of their homes until they sanitize them. If you have been in close vicinity of an infected or suspected infected person, wash your clothes with your household detergent and sanitize your shoes to avoid any potential chances of infection.

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