Do Face Masks Really Work? Scientists Explain How


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Experts all over the world are urging people not to step out of the house post-lockdown without masks. But how do they actually work? The science behind this is pretty straightforward actually.

Here’s how masks halt the spread of coronavirus

The novel coronavirus spread through respiratory droplets – the droplets that we breathe out.

Masks can block these droplets.

It is evident from countless laboratory tests and extensive experimentation that almost all masks block out the respiratory droplets. Even a damp towel can block out respiratory droplets as tiny as 20 micrometers!

Face masks can save you from many diseases

Not only for COVID-19, but they are also effective for blocking out a variety of viruses and germs and hence, potential diseases.

According to the results deduced by the aforementioned experiments, surgical masks can block out germs responsible for causing Influenza, Common Cold, Measles, Whooping Cough, and Tuberculosis.

Another study drew out comparisons of the growth rate of the COVID-19 before and after people started wearing masks.

The statistics suggest that masks reduce the spread of coronavirus drastically. It is also a common observation that countries, where people follow the SOPs and wear masks regularly, report a very low number of cases.

Evidence from case reports:

A man traveled from China to Toronto by air. All the passengers including this particular man kept their masks on during the whole flight due to flight protocols.

Upon arrival at the Toronto airport, the man tested positive for coronavirus. The staff panicked and scared tested the whole 100-membered flight including the flight staff and not a single person tested positive. Had they not been wearing masks, the result would’ve been grave.

A similar incident happened in Missouri as well. Two hairstylists in a salon tended to over 140 clients before they found out that they had COVID positive for this whole time.

However, none of the 140 clients or the rest of the salon staff tested for the virus because they were all wearing masks when they came in contact.

Maintaining social distancing is equally important too

Wearing masks reduces the chance of contracting or spreading the virus but it does not eliminate it.

Epidemiologists say that maintaining social distancing is equally important as wearing masks since this virus can enter your body through the membrane of your eyes.

Keep a safe distance from your mask-clad friends but stay yards away from unmasked individuals running around irresponsibly. For reliable medical advice and health-insurance queries, head on to or call at 219 321-0009 or 708 754-5300.

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