Are Face Masks Your Ultimate Saviors From the Coronavirus?

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The debate has been long and confusing. According to WHO facemasks should only be reserved for the healthcare workers and the patients. While CDC (US Center for Disease Control) urged Americans to wear face masks when they leave their houses.

Now, the real question is, will face masks actually save you from contracting the novel coronavirus?

WHO Recommended Face Masks for Healthcare Workers Only

The World Health Organization released a new set of guidelines recently which states that healthy people don’t have to wear protective face masks because they can’t completely save you from contracting COVID-19.

The WHO, however, encouraged healthcare workers to wear protective gear including the masks.

The CDC Begs to Differ – Face Masks For All

On the other hand, the CDC urged Americans to wear masks whenever they step out of their house. The CDC made this recommendation based on the fact that the majority of cases reported for the COVID-19 were of droplet-based transmission.

How this virus transmits is still a scientific mystery. However, the droplets-based transmission is confirmed till now – hence the recommendation by CDC.

WHO Doesn’t Want You to Fall Into a False Sense of Security

WHO is of the opinion that if the whole community starts using face masks, this will lure people into a false sense of security. Eventually, they will stop taking other precautionary measures like washing their hands frequently and most importantly, social distancing.

It is clear that a mask will shield you from the droplets-based transmission but you can’t ignore all other precautionary measures.

Here’s the Bottom Line:

Face masks will shield out any droplets that carry the virus but they are NOT your ultimate saviors.

To completely block out coronavirus, we all will have to practice social distancing, wash our hands, keep our surroundings clean, and minimize our physical interaction with the outside world.

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