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At Health Estimates, we know that finding the best in affordable health insurance can be time consuming. Experience personal service with local access. We work with the finest in the medical insurance market place to help you find a plan that fits your needs. We work for you at NO COST to insure your medical plan provides the protections you desire. Call Us Today For Help. You can use our No Obligation Quote System at No Cost. We can also help you estimate your subsidy.

If something unexpected happens to you – like a car accident or a serious illness – hospital expenses can quickly rack up. Individual health insurance can help prevent staggering expenses if you face a medical emergency. Major medical insurance is a type of coverage that provides benefits for a broad range of health-care services, both inpatient and outpatient. This health insurance can save you money on routine doctor's visits, prescription drug coverage, preventative care and other medical services. The plan will typically come with costs such as a monthly premium, an annual deductible, co-payments, and coinsurance.


Can I get health insurance now?

  • Yes! You can enroll for health insurance during Open Enrollment starting November 1st until December 15th, 2019. - Outside of that time, you can qualify for Special Enrollment Period with “qualifying life events”. Some of these events include divorce, loss of employment, income change, new dependents, or moving to a new area. You will have to prove that you had a qualifying life event, and find health insurance within a certain window of time. 

How much does health insurance cost?

  • Health insurance costs vary in many ways. Deductibles, premiums, and co-payments all play into what your health insurance costs will come out to. Studies have shown that in 2017 the average individual premium was $393 without any subsidies. By comparing quotes, and speaking with a licensed agent, you might be able to find prices significantly lower than this, that still meet your needs. Taking the time to shop around and compare can make a huge difference in what you’re paying for your health insurance.

How do I get low-cost healthcare?

  • Prices are fixed by law, so you will not find better prices for the same plan anywhere else. But comparing your options might help you find low-cost health insurance. You can shop around online and use free quotes from Health Estimates to find providers that offer high-quality, low-cost individual and family health insurance plans. Seeing all your options could make finding low-cost health insurance easier.

What is co-insurance and how does it affect my healthcare?

  • Coinsurance is the percentage of healthcare costs you pay after you have met your deductible. Essentially, coinsurance is anything that comes out of your own pocket while sharing costs with your health insurance provider. If your coinsurance is 20%, that means insurance is paying for 80% of the costs for your healthcare.

Where can i go if I'm confused about finding health insurance? 

  • If you are looking for individual or family health insurance, it helps to get advice and ask questions. Licensed insurance agents at Health Estimates are here to help you make the right decisions for you and your family. They can give personalized opinions on what plans will work best for you based on budget and medical needs. Enrolling in a health insurance plan with the help of an agent comes at no extra cost to you.

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