Lockdown by Coronavirus: How to Keep Your Mental Health In Check

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In times of uncertainty and isolation, it is becoming quite challenging to keep your mental health in check, especially for people with underlying or pre-existing mental health conditions. Here are some ways you can protect your mental health and that of your loved ones.

Stay Physically Active – Maintain Your Mental Health

A good workout will not only help you stay physically fit but also have a very positive impact on your mental health. Exercise and physical exertion releases hormones, which keep you mentally fit.

Find at-home workout routines – you will come across a number of workout routines, even ones without any equipment. You can also lookup yoga routines online and have fun learning new exercises. It can also prove to be fun family time, you can all work on each other’s postures, have a good laugh while exercising and get fit both mentally and physically during the process.

Limit Your News Sources

The internet has brought forth an information explosion. It is a good thing, but it has also become a vehicle for the propagation of fake news, unnecessary speculations, and conspiracies. This breeds stress and anxiety, especially in testing times like these. It will be very helpful for your mental health to limit your news sources, only rely on well-reputed news sources for information.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Much – Focus On Your Mental Health

In these stressful times, don’t push yourself too much. It is a great opportunity to learn new skills, or brush up on your old skills however it is completely okay if you don’t learn anything new. Don’t try to overachieve, just focus on your well-being and mental health, and take one day at a time. Set goals on a weekly basis or even daily basis and try to achieve them but if you are unable to, don’t beat yourself over it.

Keep Your Social Media Usage in Check

Social media has the tendency to take a toll on one’s mental health. Limit your social media use and monitor what websites or accounts raise your anxiety or stress levels and stop following those websites or accounts.

Be careful regarding what websites, accounts, or hashtags you follow and refrain from posting any posts that might cause stress for your friends and followers. Be responsible while posting and sharing content and limit what you and your kids get exposed to.

Stay in Touch with Friends and Family

Stay connected with your friends and family through phone calls, video chats, and texts. It will not only give you a sense of connectivity and end that feeling of despair and loneliness but also help you de-stress your loved ones. Check up on their health conditions and mental health as well.

It is pertinent in these times to have a source of reliable health advice and a sound health insurance program. Head on to healthestimates.com or call 219 321-0009 or 708 754-5300 for all your health insurance-related queries.

Stay home, eat healthily, and try to think positive. Most importantly, take care!

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