How to Make the Most of Your Online Therapy Sessions During COVID-19


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Online therapy is proving to be an effective and valuable support system in this time of crisis. Here are a few tips for making the most out of online therapy during COVID-19.

A comfy place at the right time

In order to immerse yourself fully in the process to get the desired results out of your therapy, you must decide on a specific time. It can be anytime during the day or evening, whatever suits you. Try finding your comfort spot too. It can be any corner of your house, your lawn, or even a stroll down the street if you find it comforting. The key is to choose a time and space where no one will disturb you so that you can carry on with your therapy feeling safe.

It’s okay if you take time to warm up

Online therapy is new for all of us. It might seem a little odd or awkward at first to connect with your therapist through a screen. But don’t worry about it! If anything, this will just add to your stress. Be prepared for a few awkward sessions, take as much time to ease into it as you want! You can also talk it out with your therapist, that might help to reduce the tension as well.

Look at the bright side

Now online therapy might be lacking in some places but there are a few good things about it too. For instance, you can bring along a pet to your online therapy session, this can make you feel a lot safer. Also, you can experience the joy of introducing your beloved pet to your therapist! You also get to choose the time and space for the session, which makes online therapies easier and more accessible than the in-person therapy sessions.

Don’t be shy

Don’t shy away to tell your therapist what you are feeling. It is important to voice your feelings to make the most of online therapy sessions in COVID-19. Give your therapist feedback, explain to them if something is not working for you.

Telemedicine and online therapy are a great advent especially in a time like this. Isolation and the constant stress due to the uncertainties associated with the pandemic are bound to take a toll on your mental health. Eliminate uncertainties as much as you can around you so that you can feel somewhat in control. For eliminating all kinds of health uncertainties, head on to or call at 219 321-0009 or 708 754-5300.

Remember, your mental health comes first. You can only help those around you if you are well, physically as well as emotionally.

Take care!

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