Social Anxiety: 4 Effective Tips for Dealing With It Post-Quarantine

post-quarantine social anxiety

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Life post-quarantine can be daunting for a lot of people living with social anxiety. While the mass lockdowns that ensued after the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic were worrisome for many of us, triggering anxiety and depression in a number of people, the idea of getting back to normal might be even more intimidating.

As life gets back to normal, here are a few tips that will help you overcome your social anxiety.

Post-Quarantine Take Things Slow

The last thing you want to do is force yourself into social situations and exacerbate your social anxiety. Ease yourself back into your social life by connecting with your closest friends or family members at first. Talk to the people in your immediate circle, the ones who know you very well, and those with whom you feel that you can be completely yourself.

The next step would be connecting with your friends and colleagues. Get back in touch with people who you enjoy hanging out with. You can warm up by connecting with them through audio or video calls at first.

Experts suggest that you should keep a goal of connecting with one person per day via audio or video calls. It will help you with the initial warm-up phase so that when you actually meet them in person, you won’t be as uncomfortable or deal with flare-ups of social anxiety as you’d have been without any prior communication.

Address the Negative Thoughts in Your Head To Ease Social Anxiety

Oftentimes your social anxiety gets worse when you focus on the negative thoughts that cloud your head. Try to address those thoughts with a more positive view. For instance, if you are about to meet someone, don’t automatically assume that they’d find you boring or they’ll make fun of you. Instead, think: “They have been locked in their homes for months, just like I have been. It would be fun to exchange our experiences!”

It’s Okay to Feel Scared

The world is going through an unprecedented situation. Everybody is trying to cope with it in their own way, there is no right and wrong. So don’t fidget if you have doubts or if you are worried about going through social anxiety! It is completely normal to be worried or even scared about the current situation.

Keep reminding yourself that you are obligated to do things or participate in events that you are not comfortable with. Socialize or plan to socialize according to your comfort level. It is important to keep healthy goals on a daily or weekly basis but don’t overwhelm yourself with unrealistic expectations and worsen your social anxiety.

Reach Out

Talk about your worries and fears with your closest ones. You can also write about things that trigger your anxiety and discuss them with a friend. If you feel like things aren’t getting any better, it is always a good idea to seek professional help. Being around a mental health expert will help you address your fears and worries in a controlled environment.

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 Be kind to everyone around you but most importantly, be kind to yourself.

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