Get Fit At Home Without Any Equipment: Be Your Own Personal Trainer!

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Want to get fit, lose a few pounds, or just want to stay active without actually leaving your house? Turns out, you don’t really need to hit the gym or hire personal trainers or even buy any kind of gym gear to stay in shape. Working out at home is convenient, fun, and easy on the pocket.

Here is your guide to at-home fitness without any equipment!

Now a good workout has four essential components.

  • The warm-up: It is important to warm up your body muscles to get them ready for your exercise routine. You can jog, pump your arms or go up and down a flight of stairs – get that blood pumping!
  • A cardiovascular workout: The second step is the famous cardio- use your body weight instead of relying on any form of equipment.
  • Resistance exercises: Go for squats, lunges, planks, and pushups as your strength training exercises.
  • The cooldown: Cooldown is your final goodbye to your workout routine. Stretch out your arms and legs, do a few jumping jacks and voila!

Scour Through the Internet

The internet is filled with effective workout routines that are suited for at-home fitness junkies. Search for routines that don’t need any equipment, turn some good music on and exercise away!

Walk Around To Stay Fit

Make it a habit to walk around whenever you are free. Talking on the phone? Walk while you do that. Thinking of some work-related stuff? Walk. Do some conscious walking as well. Walk all around the house at least 30 minutes a day. This would help you in staying fit.

Climb Up those Stairs

If you have stairs in your house, climb up and down the stairs five to ten times a day. Climbing stairs burns more calories than jogging!

Do Random Chores On Your Own

Household chores help you stay active. Chores like cleaning your house, cleaning up cabinets, kneading flour for bread – all engage quite a number of muscles and help you stay active throughout the day.

Remember, staying active is the first step to getting fit!

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