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Feb. 7, 2019: Why brokers and their clients are keen on medical tourism

By Dan Cook

Medical tourism, or medical travel, historically appealed to either wealthy travelers or those unable to access experimental treatment in the U.S. Now, more brokers with self-funded clients are exploring medical travel as a benefits package option. It isn’t for everyone, but in the instances where it does fit, employers and employees can both realize consideration savings without settling for lower quality care. Read More

Breaking down benefit costs: 6 charts that show where the money goes

By Scott Wooldridge

A new analysis on the cost of employee benefits to employers provides some interesting insights on the differences that size, geographic location, and industry can bring to the value of benefits that workers receive. Read More

2019 predictions: Tech adoption will spur engagement in the benefits ecosystem

By Neil Vaswani

Let me start by stating the obvious: technology will continue to shape the HR profession in 2019. Over the past several years, forward-thinking employers have been capitalizing on the trend of “digitization of business processes” to cut costs and improve service levels, and this trend recently started making its way to the HR department. However, technology will not just shape HR in 2019, it will be a driving force that fundamentally changes how HR professionals use, and increasingly embrace, technology to better their day-to-day. Read More

With Social Security 2100 Act, Rep. Larson says get reform process right, don't rush

By Nick Thornton

Immediately after Congress passed amendments to the Social Security Act in 1983, Social Security Administration actuaries warned that the cost of annual benefits would outstrip revenue from payroll taxes absent further Congressional action. At the time, actuaries estimated Social Security’s cash reserves would be exhausted by 2057. Read More

Optum sues to keep trade secrets from Amazon & Co.

By Marlene Satter

Amazon & Co. was the talk of the health care industry last year, with no shortage of experts weighing in on the disruptions and innovations they expected to see from the joint venture. One company less than enthusiastic about the deal: UnitedHealth Group-owned Optum, which is suing to block a former executive from joining the new health care cost-saving venture and potentially divulging trade secrets. Read More

$1 fine from CFPB for scammer of veterans' pensions

By Marlene Satter, BenefitsPRO editors

The Trump appointee leading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Kathy Kraninger, has overseen the fine of Mark Corbett after it was determined that he sold veterans deceptive, high-interest loans. He was fined $1. Read More

5 points to consider when designing a vacation policy for your hourly workforce

By Derek Jones

Business owners would not be able to operate without their hourly workers. With industries such as retail and hospitality (the backbone of our economy) relying heavily on employees that are paid by the hour it is important to make sure you have the right policies in place to be legally compliant. Read More

10 most in-demand jobs

By Katie Kuehner-Hebert

“In 2018, the U.S. labor market offered more openings than there were job seekers,” says Kyle Kensing, CareerCast’s online content editor. “2019 arrives with some economic uncertainty, but continuing trends in the labor market offer insight into which jobs will have the highest demand for the new year.” Read More

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