Simple Tips to Improve Your Vision

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News by Sara Health Estimates


The eye is one of the most important organs of our body. Unfortunately, it is the one we pay less attention to. We avoid alcohol because of our kidney and lungs. We do exercises to strengthen our muscles and increase our heart’s performance. We use oil to moisturize our skins. But what do we really do for the eyes?

Recent studies have shown that our eyes are more at risk than ever with the increase in usage of smart phones, computers and other technological devices. We trade one screen for another throughout the day, slowly killing our eyes’ photo-receptor cells. A term called Macular Regeneration.

Some common eye issues include dry eyes – caused by less blinking due to extended use of screens. Eye strains, allergic conjunctivitis, refractive errors.

Below are simple ways to take care of your eyes and improve your vision

  1. Eat foods that help your eyes like spinach, fish and foods high in Vitamin A.
  2. Protect your eyes from harsh lights by wearing goggles and sunglasses. Reduce the brightness of your phones and switch to ‘night shift’ or ‘night mode’.
  3. Exercise your eyes. The Bates method is a good exercise for the eyes. Also try palming your eyes.
  4. Rest your eyes if you are using digital devices for a long period. Practice the eye strain exercise.
  5. Remove contact lenses and makeup every night before going to bed to prevent infections.
  6. Treat dry eye with warm compresses to the eyelids.
  7. See a doctor for an eye exam and get corrective lenses if you have refractive errors.

We at Health Estimates Chicago wants you to have the best eye health.

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