Missing Friends and Family Who’ve Recently Recovered from COVID-19? Find Out When You Can Meet Them


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The number of cases of COVID-19 is still on an upward trajectory in almost all parts of the world. However, the good news is, a lot of people are recovering and getting back to their normal lives after contracting the contagious disease. There’s a high chance that your family member or someone close to you has had COVID-19 and now you are wondering: When is it safe again to be near someone who has recovered from COVID-19?

Always listen to experts!

Well, let’s see what the experts have to say about the topic. The CDC (American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has issued clear guidelines regarding this issue.

You can be around someone who has had the COVID-19 only after they meet certain criteria, that is if they:

  1. Have spent at least 10 days in isolation when their symptoms for the virus first started.
  2. Don’t have a fever anymore and it has been more than 24 hours since they last had a fever or took any fever-suppressing medicines.
  3. Feel a marked improvement in other symptoms like breathlessness and cough.

Your friends and family who meet all these three criteria are not contagious anymore and you can meet them without any hesitation. It is highly likely that they would have certain symptoms like breathlessness or a lingering cough, but those are just the residual symptoms that will go away with time, depending on the previous health condition of the patient.

Reach out to them first

However, it is always important to be mindful of other people’s feelings. If you want to visit your loved one who has recently recovered from COVID-19, you should check with them first. There might be a possibility that they are not mentally ready to get out in public or meet anyone at the moment.

So, just get in touch with them via phone first, ask them how they feel physically as well as emotionally and whether or not they are ready to meet family and friends yet. They have been through a really frightening and draining experience, it is only fair to give them some space to heal.

Let them know that you value them!

You can always show your love in a number of other ways! Send over some nice flowers, call them and let them know that they are in your prayers and make sure that they have access to health experts.

In this time of a health crisis, it is very important to have sound health insurance, so that one doesn’t have to worry about the money at all and focus completely on recovering. Get in touch with our experts now by logging on to healthestimates.com or call at 219 321-0009 or 708 754-5300 and let your loved ones know how much you value them.

Take care of yourself: the whole world is resting and healing, you deserve to take some out for yourself as well! 

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