COVID-19 Vaccine: How Long Will It Take To Find a Cure?

COVID vaccine

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In this time of crisis, the whole world is expectantly looking towards scientists all around the world to find a COVID vaccine to cure this deadly virus. This viral pandemic has claimed 400,000 lives with more than 7M people affected worldwide. Even with many protective measures all around the world, this virus doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The Search For a COVID-19 Vaccine Can Be a Long Process

The development and formulation of vaccines is a complicated and lengthy process. Vaccines undergo large-scale human or clinical trials after initial laboratory development.

There are four stages in clinical trials. After the successful completion of these stages with some conditions, the vaccine is available for use.

Right now, the potential vaccines for curing COVID-19 are yet to undergo clinical trials. Drug formulation takes years, in some cases decades before they are fit to be used by the masses.

So, the slow progress of the development of the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

Existing Antivirals Can Calm the COVID-19 Symptoms

Scientists have identified three critical stages where the COVID vaccine has to target the virus in order to quell its spread:

  1. Prevent it from entering the cells
  2. Stop its reproduction cycle if it is inside the cells
  3. Minimize the effect of the virus inside the body in order to protect vital organs from its malice.

Healthcare experts are prescribing some existing antiviral drugs to help ease the symptoms of the virus, while there’s no COVID vaccine available. This is also helping to stop its reproductive cycle at the early stages.

These antivirals include chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine (antimalarial drugs), Remdesivir, and Actemra among others. It is important to note here that these drugs do not treat COVID-19, they are prescribed by doctors only to help ease the symptoms of the virus, till the COVID vaccine is developed, and should only be taken under the supervision of experts.

Doctors are also using blood plasma of people who have recovered from the virus on the guidelines of the Health Organizations. The blood plasma of recovered individuals has the necessary antibodies that can help fight off the virus when injected into the bodies of COVID-19 patients.

For now, the best practice is to observe strict social distancing and sanitization. For more information regarding the coronavirus head on to the most reliable health insurance company’s website, or call at 219 321-0009 or 708 754-5300.

Always remember, your health and safety comes first. Take care and stay healthy!

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