The Importance of Functional Fitness in Everyday Life


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Functional fitness exercises aim to engage different muscle groups at a time. These exercises do not target a single area, unlike the other types of fitness routines. So, you use your own bodyweight to achieve stability, strength, and fitness.

Functional Fitness Exercises

Functional fitness exercises are of the following types:
1. Squats

2. Incline chest press

3. Plank

4. Wall squat

5. Step-downs

6. Row

7. Stationary lunge

8. Step-up

9. Single-leg lift

10. Side plank

11. Downward-facing dog

12. Single-leg deadlift

13. Lunge with bent-over row

The Importance of Functional Fitness in Everyday Life

1. It prepares your body for the real world

Each exercise in a functional fitness routine targets diverse muscle groups and engages all your body. This is especially handy when it comes to real-life situations. Your body will feel more active, and you will carry out daily tasks with ease. These exercises strengthen your whole body. 

2. It strengthens the core and increases coordination

Functional fitness exercises don’t require you to use any weights or any equipment. You use your own bodyweight to execute these exercises. This enables you to achieve core strength, have better coordination, and be agile.

3. It helps in recovery from injuries

If you have sustained any kind of athletic or nonathletic injuries in the past, functional fitness can help you get over the chronic pain and keep your joints active. Moreover, these exercises are potentially harmless, and you don’t have to fear getting any further injuries.

These exercises help people who have injured their knees, ankles, or joints in the past. Like joint strengthening exercises, functional fitness techniques can quickly regain their stability and strengthen the damaged areas.

4. It gets rid of back pain and bad posture

Most of us have desk jobs, and we spend a good part of the day sitting (crouching actually) in front of a computer. And then, we spend the rest of the day on our phones. So, we all have a sedentary lifestyle, leading to bad posture and chronic back pain.

This is especially true for IT specialists, accountants, office workers, and people with desk jobs. The best way to eliminate chronic back pain and improve your posture is to strengthen your core. Functional training helps you strengthen your core, including your spinal cord and back muscles. It also increases your body’s mobility and the blood flow to all the muscles. 

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