Nutritious foods that is disgusting to eat

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Good nutrition is an important part of living a healthy and long life. Our bodies need the right nutrients in their right proportion to function properly. Doctors recommend that we eat the right food, having the right nutrients to build our immune system.

But what happens if a particular meal is highly nutritious but rather disgusting and rotten. Here are two foods that fit into this category.

  1. Casu Marzu:

If someone were to serve you rotten food spiced with maggots, what would be your reaction? Would you want to hang out with them again?

Casu Marzu is an Italian dish made out of rotten cheese and thousands of maggots. The distinct flavor of this dish is gotten from the excrement of larvae in the cheese. The combination of rotten cheese and maggot is enough to send any sane person running in the opposite direction, but apparently this food is so loved that after it was banned, it was still sold in the black market.

Casu Marzu is highly nutritious. It contains Vitamin D and calcium from the cheese and protein, zinc and minerals from the maggots.

  1. Snake Wine:

A human’s first reaction at seeing a snake is to flee, but the people of China do not think this way. Snake wine is a beverage made from venomous snakes and alcoholic wine rice. The venom of the snake is the most valuable ingredient in the drink.

Snakes contain high protein, calcium, magnesium and amino acids. The people of China believe this drink boosts virility and is an aphrodisiac. It is also said to cure rheumatism. Will you take this wine if it were offered to you?

We are Health Estimates Chicago wants you to have the right nutrients.

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